Should You Date In Law School? The Three Types of Dating In Law School

Law school is difficult on relationships whether it be with your spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, brother/sister and/or mother/father. While at Michigan State University College of Law, I saw two of my fellow classmates go through a divorce and dozens of other relationships dissolve quicker than Jimmy Johns can deliver a sandwich.  Luckily for me I had a great fiancée who supported me and knew what we were undertaking before I entered law school.  Today’s article is focused on trying to help other law school students avoid the stupidity of thinking that they can have both a great relationship while trying to be a top law student at their respective schools.


To begin, here are some of my views on the three most common types of dating during law school. 


Dating Your Books


This is by far the most popular option among law students at first.  Every law student comes in with a desire to be at the top of their class and wholeheartedly studies religiously for at least the first few months and then burnout tends to set in.  By the time the first semester grades come in many students say screw it and start to date fellow students who have also done worse than they hoped for or non-law students who they will eventually break up with.


Dating a Non-Law Student


This is the second most popular option among law students.  This also seems like a good idea at first until your boyfriend or girlfriend starts to ask when they can see you and when are you going to finally go out.  The problem with this option is that people who aren’t going to law school are going to want to discuss normal things like the news, entertainment, and sports.  However, you as a law student are probably not really able to provide this at the current moment, especially if you are a 1L. 


Dating a Fellow Law Student


At first, this is one of those things that seem like a good idea.   You have similar interests, are in close proximity to each other all day, and it truly seems logical.  You can discuss cases and the elements of different criminal statutes with each other for all hours of the day, highlight law books and statutes, and practice your negotiating skills on each other.  However, you begin – usually sooner rather than later – that law is the only thing you have in common with each other.


Wrapping up, the best advice I could give you as a law student is don’t date during law school, especially, during your first year.  (Sorry 1Ls)  Try your best to take that first year and dedicate yourself to law school and becoming the best student you can be.  This will really pay off in years two to three of law school.  However, since you’re a law student, that means you’re probably going to not follow my advice anyways so as the French say, C'est la vie and happy hunting.


By Chris Martin

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