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Finding Your Passion From Lawyer To Lifestyle Brand Expert: Tips on Changing Careers

Leaura Luciano is a lifestyle expert that focuses on technology, style, beauty, culture and cars

What do you currently do?

I work as a lifestyle brand expert that focuses on technology, fashion, beauty, makeup, styling, cars and anything really that is on the cusp on changing the world

Tell me a little about your legal career

I had a rather brief career in the law I passed the bar in 2007 and started doing litigation support work. 

How did…


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From Lawyer to App Developer Entrepreneur: Tips on changing careers

Victorian Musonza currently works as a solo practitioner, a litigation support analyst and runs a startup app business with her husband.

Tell me a little about your professional career as a lawyer?

“I did litigation support work for about a year and then moved down south and started my own practice in Charlotte North Carolina from 2008 until 2013 and then came back to NY and have been doing a mix of litigation support work and solo practice work”

What were your…


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Stop Web Content Mills From High-Jacking Freelance Writer Copyrights

Imagine for a moment you have been working hard on your writing all morning.  You stomach is empty and your eyes are aching.  You step out for a break at the local coffee shop.  You have thirty five dollars in your wallet.  You can almost taste the confections displayed in the glass case and you can smell the fresh coffee brewing on the bar.  Suddenly a threatening stranger demands that you turn the contents of your wallet over to him.  Would you quietly do as you are told only to go hungry…


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Essential Tips On How To Handle Studying For The Bar Exam

Studying for the Texas Bar exam was by far the worst experience of my life.  Taking three months to study for a multiple day exam to test my knowledge of the law was just downright atrocious.  My father and brother are both dentists and they said what lawyers have to do to be licensed is 100 times worse than that of a doctor or dentist.  With that introduction, here are some of my tips for those who are about to take the Bar exam.


First and foremost, the bar exam is a…


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Should You Date In Law School? The Three Types of Dating In Law School

Law school is difficult on relationships whether it be with your spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, brother/sister and/or mother/father. While at Michigan State University College of Law, I saw two of my fellow classmates go through a divorce and dozens of other relationships dissolve quicker than Jimmy Johns can deliver a sandwich.  Luckily for me I had a great fiancée who supported me and knew what we were undertaking before I entered law school.  Today’s article is focused on trying to help…


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3 Things I Wish I'd Known In Law School: Life and Career After Law School

Since becoming a lawyer over 6 years ago and undertaking a very different career path, there are plenty of things I've found out along the way that I didn't know in law school.  Three major facts come to mind.


1. In real life, personality trumps pedigree.  You hear nothing from BigLaw and the legal establishment except exhortations to be the top in your class, get on law review and how important it is to go to a Tier 1 law school or you will be doomed to failure.  I…


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