Outlines (as one may call them your LIFELINE) are a general description covering the main points of a subject, in our case, a legal subject/area. Creating an outline for many law school students is a challenging and sometimes a daunting task.

  • How do I change my class notes into an outline?
  • What exactly do I include?
  • Which cases are the most significant?

These questions are asked by almost every law school student. The outlines that have been submitted to this website are to help students alleviate such problems. These outlines include the specific classes taught by professors at leading institutions around the country.


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PLEASE NOTE: These outlines should not be used as a substitute for your outline but as a good resource to use on how to create an outline. Use these outlines as a guideline on how to achieve a strong and thorough outline. We hope these outlines help you in creating the best outlines you can.


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