About BarristerBoard online-mentorship program

  • The BarristerBoard online-mentorship program is a pilot on-line mentoring program, which allows participants to communicate at their convenience globally. Participants come from a variety of geographic locations, undergraduate universities and professional backgrounds.
  • In order to participate in the coming fall 2014 mentorship program, applicants must register to be a Mentee or Mentor.
  • Once matched, the BarristerBoard online-mentoring relationship will last one school year. After the relationship has ended, the mentee may select another mentor or they may continue the relationship with their current mentor by requesting a second 1 year period.

How matches are made
Both mentors and mentees create profiles that are then used for matching criteria, such as law school affiliation and student’s area of interest. The mentee will be matched with a mentor that closely meets his or her preferences. Once matched, the mentor and mentee will receive an email with each other's contact information.

How the relationship works
The mentor will initiate the relationship through an introductory email with information such as education, career interest or path, current legal position. Participants should discuss and agree on common expectations for the mentorship relationship.

Participants should establish how often to communicate as part of their introductory emails. Along with introductory emails, participants can exchange resumes or interesting details to become more familiar with each other.

All communication is on and kept professional. Mentees can post questions to their mentors, participate in open discussions or read questions/answer posted by others in the Forum section on the

Please note that the mentorship program is not for financial support, job offers or completion of schoolwork.

Request Mentor
Law student mentees will receive guidance on academic and/or career direction.All mentees should be prepared to ask questions about topics of interest, to listen to their mentor's suggestions and to respect their mentor's time.

Become Mentor
To be a mentor, you should be an experienced legal professional who wants to invest in the future of current law students.
You must be willing to communicate with your mentee on a regular basis. You have the opportunity to assist in the development of future legal professionals by sharing knowledge and experiences.

Please send any questions or concerns that you have regarding the Mentorship Program to


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